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MARIA: 1920's Paris - it started as an idea for a French detective film theme.

BAMBOO:  Set in a quasi-African musical landscape where the strings and vocals act as bright colours, accentuating the chord changes.

ISABELLA: Perhaps the most classical sounding, it is led by a solo piano rather like that of a concerto. 

PORTHMINSTER: A place of nostalgia and memories - a samba with a slow moving melody over a rhythmic accompaniment, ending with a gliding 'Birdland' style.

SAUDADE DE MAECENAS: A tribute to the wonderful Villa Maecenas in Ibiza where the band stayed, wrote and performed.

MONTECITO: It takes the form of a 6/8 Afro-Cuban jam. The subject of the piece is the sun drenched landscape of Santa Barbara, California.

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